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Created Aug 4, 2022
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quick ctag option file for unreal shaders
# definitions for hlsl to be used for unreal shaders, usf, ush etc...
# for now just catch all functions,
# [a-zA-Z2-4]+ should match any type identifier,
# [a-zA-Z_]+ should match the function names,
# \((([a-zA-Z2-4]+[[:space:]]+[a-zA-Z]+)([[:space:]]*[,]*[[:space:]]*))*\) should match any inputs to functions,
# \2 means the second group is the name,
# f means it will be tagged as a function,
# {mgroup=N} is required, this sets jumps us to the first line of the pattern when jumping to tag
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rondreas commented Aug 4, 2022

Run ctags --languages="hlsl" --options=$HOME/ctags.d/hlsl.ctags -R . in ...\Engine\Shaders to create tags file for all usf and ush files.

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