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Evaluation functions for the `nodejs-repl' Emacs package.
;;; nodejs-repl-eval.el --- Summary
;;; Commentary:
;;; Evaluation functions for the `nodejs-repl' package. Written on a stormy
;;; night between days of node hacking.
;;; Code:
(require 'js2-mode)
(require 'nodejs-repl)
(defun nodejs-repl-eval-region (start end)
"Evaluate the region specified by `START' and `END'."
(let ((proc (get-process nodejs-repl-process-name)))
(comint-simple-send proc (buffer-substring-no-properties start end))))
(defun nodejs-repl-eval-node (node)
"Evaluate `NODE', a `js2-mode' node."
(let ((beg (js2-node-abs-pos node))
(end (js2-node-abs-end node)))
(nodejs-repl-eval-region beg end)))
(defun nodejs-repl--find-current-or-prev-node (pos &optional include-comments)
"Locate the first node before `POS'. Return a node or nil.
If `INCLUDE-COMMENTS' is set to t, then comments are considered
valid nodes. This is stupid, don't do it."
(let ((node (js2-node-at-point pos (not include-comments))))
(if (or (null node)
(js2-ast-root-p node))
(unless (= 0 pos)
(nodejs-repl--find-current-or-prev-node (1- pos) include-comments))
(defun nodejs-repl-eval-function ()
"Evaluate the current or previous function."
(let* ((fn-above-node (lambda (node)
(js2-mode-function-at-point (js2-node-abs-pos node))))
(fn (funcall fn-above-node
(point) (lambda (node)
(not (null (funcall fn-above-node node))))))))
(unless (null fn)
(nodejs-repl-eval-node fn))))
(defun nodejs-repl-eval-first-stmt (pos)
"Evaluate the first statement found from `POS' by `js2-mode'.
If this statement is a block statement, its first parent
statement is found. This will be either a function declaration,
function call, or assignment statement."
(let ((node (js2-mode-find-first-stmt (nodejs-repl--find-current-or-prev-node pos))))
((js2-block-node-p node) (nodejs-repl-eval-node (js2-node-parent-stmt node)))
((not (null node)) (nodejs-repl-eval-node node)))))
(defun nodejs-repl-eval-dwim ()
"Heuristic evaluation of JS code in a NodeJS repl.
Evaluates the region, if active, or the first statement found at
or prior to the point.
If the point is at the end of a line, evaluation is done from one
character prior. In many cases, this will be a semicolon and will
change what is evaluated to the statement on the current line."
((use-region-p) (nodejs-repl-eval-region (region-beginning) (region-end)))
((= (line-end-position) (point)) (nodejs-repl-eval-first-stmt (1- (point))))
(t (nodejs-repl-eval-first-stmt (point)))))
(defun nodejs-repl-eval-buffer (&optional buffer)
"Evaluate the current buffer or the one given as `BUFFER'.
`BUFFER' should be a string or buffer."
(let ((buffer (or buffer (current-buffer))))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(nodejs-repl-eval-region (point-min) (point-max)))))
(provide 'nodejs-repl-eval)
;;; nodejs-repl-eval.el ends here
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