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LinqPad example
Dim foo As New Foobar2000.Application07Class()
Dim artist As String = foo.Playback.FormatTitle("%artist%")
Dim title As String = foo.Playback.FormatTitle("%title%")
If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(title) Then
Dim url As String = ""
Dim song As XDocument = XDocument.Load(String.Format("{0}/song/search?api_key={1}&artist={2}&title={3}&results=1&format=xml", _
url, Util.GetPassword("api.echonest"), System.Uri.EscapeDataString(artist), System.Uri.EscapeDataString(title)))
Dim id As XElement = song.XPathSelectElement("/response/songs/song/id")
If song.XPathSelectElement("/response/status/message").Value = "Success" AndAlso Not id Is Nothing Then
Dim pls As XDocument = XDocument.Load(String.Format( _
"{0}/playlist/static?api_key={1}&song_id={2}&results=100&type=song-radio&format=xml", _
url, Util.GetPassword("api.echonest"), id.Value))
Dim tracks = From x In pls.Descendants("song") _
Let matches = foo.MediaLibrary.GetTracks(String.Format("artist IS {0} AND title IS {1}", _
x.Element("artist_name").Value, x.Element("title").Value)) _
Where matches.Count > 0 _
Select Match = From i In Enumerable.Range(0, matches.Count) _
Let m = matches.Item(i) _
Select Author = m.FormatTitle("%artist%"), _
Track = New HyperLinq(Function() Process.Start(m.Path), _
String.Format("{0} [{1}]", m.FormatTitle("%title%"), m.FormatTitle("%album%"))), _
Duration = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(m.FormatTitle("%length_seconds%")), _
Type = m.FormatTitle("%codec%[ %codec_profile%]"), _
Bitrate = CInt(m.FormatTitle("%bitrate%"))
tracks.SelectMany(Function(x) x).Dump("Similar Tracks")
song.Dump("Error message.")
End If
Dim msg = "Track is undefined.".Dump("Error message.")
End If
Catch e As Exception
End Try
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