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Deletes a specified menu item from all sites on all networks on a WordPress multisite.
// Script must be run with wp eval-file
die('You shall not pass.');
class DeleteSpecifiedWordPressMenuItem {
protected $menuNameToBeDeleted;
protected $menuNames;
protected $networks;
public function __construct()
$this->menuNameToBeDeleted = "About Me";
$this->menuNames = ['Header Navigation', 'Footer Navigation'];
$this->networks = get_networks();
public function deleteMenuItem(){
foreach($this->networks as $network){
$sites = get_sites(['network_id' => $network->id]);
foreach($this->menuNames as $menuName){
foreach($sites as $site) {
$url = $site->domain . $site->path;
$output = shell_exec("wp menu item list '" . $menuName . "' --url=$url");
$array = explode("\n", $output);
$matches = preg_grep("/$this->menuNameToBeDeleted/", $array);
$match = array_shift($matches);
$pieces = explode("\t", $match);
$deletedOutput = shell_exec("wp menu item delete $pieces[0] --url=$url");
printf(str_replace(".\n", "", $deletedOutput) . " for $menuName in $url\n");
} else {
printf("No matches found for $menuName in $url\n");
$object = new DeleteSpecifiedWordPressMenuItem();
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