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Created February 23, 2021 04:02
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Short F# script to generate problem sets of a specified size containing problems from multiple sections of a textbook
#r "nuget: FSharp.Json"
open FSharp.Json
open System.IO
type SubSection =
{ Name: string
; Weight: float
; ProblemRange: int * int }
type Section =
{ Name: string
; SubSections: SubSection list }
type ProblemSet =
{ Section: string
; Problems: (string * int list) list }
let fromRange (a, b) = [a..b]
let totalWeight section =
|> (fun it -> it.Weight)
|> List.reduce (+)
let selectProblems problemCount section (subsection: SubSection) =
// Number of questions that should be chosen from this subsection
let quantity = int (subsection.Weight / (totalWeight section) * (float problemCount))
let problems = fromRange subsection.ProblemRange
let problemsLength = (snd subsection.ProblemRange) - (fst subsection.ProblemRange)
if quantity >= problemsLength then
(subsection.Name, problems)
// If there are more problems in the subsection than we want to include
// in the problemset, determine a number n such that we can choose
// every nth problem in the subsection to get as close as possible to
// the desired quantity
let nth = problemsLength / quantity
|> List.indexed
|> List.filter (fun (i, _) -> i % nth = 0)
|> snd
|> (fun plist -> (subsection.Name, plist))
let genPSet problemCount section =
let problems =
|> (selectProblems problemCount section)
{Section = section.Name ; Problems = problems}
let args = System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs()
let numberOfProblems = int args.[2]
let sectionDataPath = args.[3..] |> String.concat " "
|> String.concat "\n"
|> Json.deserialize<Section list>
|> (genPSet numberOfProblems)
|> printfn "%A"
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rewrite it in Ada

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I'm pretty tempted to do so

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