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Created April 3, 2014 16:53
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Demonstrates how to generate refined version for Facets gem
Simple script that should work if you follow the convention of declaring a single outer class per file with simple class names and structure.
Some files may not be compatible with refinements and should have some comment like "#skip-refinement-conversion" in the file header (first 10_000 chars of the file). The "class" line should also be in the header section of the file.
Files skipped will be copied "as is" to the new directory.
require 'fileutils'
class Converter
DEST = 'lib-refined'
def self.convert
def convert
FileUtils.mkdir_p DEST
Dir['lib/**/*.rb'].each do |fn|
newfn = fn.sub 'lib', DEST
dir = File.dirname(newfn)
basename = File.basename fn
FileUtils.mkdir_p dir
File.write newfn, processed_file(fn)
def processed_file(fn)
content = file_content fn
header = content[0..10_000] # adjust for your needs or use full content
return content if header =~ /\#skip-refinement-conversion/
return content unless match = header.match(/.*?^(\s*class\s.*?$)/m)
first_class_line = match[1]
match = first_class_line.match /\s*class\s*([A-Z]\w*)\s*$/
return content unless match # skip complex cases
refinement_replacement = "module Facets\nrefine #{match[1]} do"
# assume a single "class XXX\n...\nend" block per file
content.sub(first_class_line, refinement_replacement) + "\nend"
def file_content(fn) fn
# ruby -I lib-refined/core test.rb
require 'facets/array/before'
using Facets
puts [1, 2].before 2 # 1 is printed
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trans commented Apr 4, 2014

You gave me an idea.

require 'finder'

def refinement(feature)
  file = Find.feature(feature, :absolute=>true).first

  raise LoadError unless file

  text =

  text = text.gsub(/^\s*class\s*([A-Z]\w*)\s*$/, 'module Refinements; refine \1 do')

  text = text + "\nend"


  return Refinements


using refinement('facets/string/indent')

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