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Notes on talk about "Preventing the collapse of civilisation" (Jonathan Blow)

Preventing the collpase of civilization

Jonathan Blow at DevGAMM 2019

28:27 "Five 9s" (99.999% uptime) "We don't use this anymore."

30:45 "Software startups are stumbling into a market, not doing software technology well."

45:18 Render in a smooth framerate on PC - "We just don't have that capability. Which is insane, right?"

45:24 Camplication accelerates knowledge loss:

  • More to know so you know a smaller percantage

  • Deep knowledge replaced by trivia

    • Deep: how cache coherency works
    • Trivia: How to work around Junity Jank
  • Good information is drowned by noise

    • Can't search on Google
    • The harder to understand, the more you see bad opinions.
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