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Created July 13, 2015 21:42
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Bash: Ensure processes run on allowed CPUs
# function to expand the range of allowed CPUs
range_expand () (
set -- $1
for element; do
if [[ $element =~ ^(-?[0-9]+)-(-?[0-9]+)$ ]]; then
set -- "$@" $(eval echo "{${BASH_REMATCH[1]}..${BASH_REMATCH[2]}}")
set -- "$@" $element
shift $n
echo "$@"
# Loop through all processes
for i in $(ps -A -o pid=); do
allowed=$(range_expand $(grep Cpus_allowed_list /proc/${i}/status | awk '{ print $2 }'))
running=$(set -- $(</proc/${i}/stat); echo ${39})
if [[ "${allowed/$running}" = "${allowed}" ]] && [[ "${allowed}" ]]; then
printf "Process %d running on CPU %d but only allowed on %s\n" "$i" "$running" "$allowed"
done 2>/dev/null # otherwise we get errors for some short lived processes like the grep invocation used
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