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Conan (on Windows)

  • conan search <name> -r conan-center

What I liked :

  • easy install through python's pip

What I don't like :

  • not very intuitive
  • default installs as x64 while cmake builds default to x86
    • needs cmake -A x64 ...
  • not easy to use 'installed' libs in projects that are not conan-aware
    • -DZLIB_LIBRARY="C:/Users/<me>/.conan/data/zlib/1.2.11/_/_/package/3fb49604f9c2f729b85ba3115852006824e72cab\lib\zlib.lib" -DZLIB_INCLUDE_DIR="C:/Users/<me>/.conan/data/zlib/1.2.11/_/_/package/3fb49604f9c2f729b85ba3115852006824e72cab/include"

SmartSVN (on Mac)

What I don't like :

  • Commit will try to add unversionned files by default, could not see a way to disable this feature

Time tracking


First service I used, for 3 months.

I liked :

  • dead simple to use
  • CSV file export that can be easily processed (durations stored as numerical values, e.g. '2.5' for 2h30min)
  • responsive support

I disliked :

  • UI is only as responsive as the network (even in mobile app), caused me entering wrong data when using the mobile app on slow networks
  • Coalesced time entries are too visually similar to single time entries, caused me trouble when trying to edit, especially on slow mobile networks


Not used, only quickly tested - looks like a clone of Clockify (or is it the reverse) ?

I liked :

  • looks simple to use, like clockify

I disliked :

  • CSV export cannot be processed/summed easily (duration values stored as strings, e.g. "02:30:00" for 2h30)
  • Could not find where to set "24 hours" time values, I lost when using "AM"/"PM" times (it was in Account not in Settings)

Time squared

Not used, only quickly tested, only provides an Android app.

I liked :

  • can be used without account, with local data only

I disliked :

  • "billing centric", it defaults to attributing a price on every time entry
  • CSV export does not seem handy to process afterwards (stores time entries durations as string, e.g. configurable "2h30" or "2,5h")
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