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gogo config
# default gosh_profile
# only read if etc/gosh_profile doesn't exist relative to the System property
# gosh.home or failing that the current directory.
# catch all exceptions from this script to avoid it aborting startup
try {
# ensure gogo commands are found first
SCOPE = gogo:*
# add methods on BundleContext object as commands
addcommand context ${.context} (${.context} class)
# add methods from the system bundle
addcommand sb (context:bundle 0)
# add methods on System object as commands
addcommand system (loadclass java.lang.System)
# alias to print full stack trace
e = { $exception printStackTrace }
## disable console auto-formatting of each result
# you will then need to explicitly use the 'format' command
# to print the result of commands that don't write to stdout.
#.Gogo.format = false
## disable printing the formatted result of a command into pipelines
#.Format.Pipe = false
# set prompt
prompt = '[lpgs]$ '
# print welcome message
cat ($0 resolve motd)
} {
echo "$0: ERROR: $exception"
Welcome to the Liferay Portal via Gogo Shell
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