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Last active May 4, 2016 05:56
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TKF 2016 github demo script

TKF2016 GitHub Talk - TB and RT's cheat sheet


Tim's Waffles demo

  • Tim's comprehensive Waffle recipe project
    • Introduce the project
    • I asked Rouben to contribute his recipe to my collection, so he forked the repo
    • Show the network view
    • Let's check if there are pull requests
    • Go through the commits TOP to BOTTOM; show the correction - theatrics
    • Accept the PR - use SQUASH - to save Rouben some embarrasment
    • Time for a release! Create a PDF of the recipe
    • release view
    • Click new release
    • Explain tag, target, release name, add the PDF, and publich release
    • Show release

Other demos - time permitting

  • organization view openvnmrj
    • Show list of repositories
    • Show list of people
    • Point out "invite someone" and "create repo" buttons
  • Go to Documentation project
    • Point out file listing, commit message and date of commit
  • Show
    • Point out 3 contributors
  • Click History
  • Show the diff views for commit 39e4aeaa
  • The diff view shows what was changed in that file within that commit (snapshot in time)
  • Showcase Blame view
    • Point out history relative to WHO made the changes.
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