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package com.example.myawesomeapp
import io.realm.Realm
import io.realm.RealmConfiguration
import org.junit.rules.ExternalResource
import org.junit.runner.Description
import org.junit.runners.model.Statement
* A JUnit Rule that sets up a test Realm database before each test,
* clears all data from it, and deletes the whole database file alltogether
* after the test completes.
* Usage:
* @Rule @JvmField
* val realmRule: RealmTestRule = RealmTestRule()
* The above assumes that your application logic that uses Realm always uses
* the default instance. Meaning that your code calls Realm.getDefaultInstance()
* and uses that for all database logic.
class RealmTestRule : ExternalResource() {
val testConfig: RealmConfiguration = RealmConfiguration.Builder()
override fun before() {
with (Realm.getDefaultInstance()) {
override fun apply(base: Statement?, description: Description?): Statement {
return super.apply(base, description)
override fun after() {
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