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Last active Sep 25, 2019
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  • Make sure you are running SW 2019

  • Run: C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS PDM\ViewSetup.exe

  • If that location doesn't exist, you'll need to install the PDM client:

    • Run: M:\Public\netapps\SolidWorks\2019\SP03\64bit\SOLIDWORKS PDM Client\SOLIDWORKS PDM Client.msi
    • When this completes, run C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS PDM\ViewSetup.exe
    • You may find that it installs in a slightly different location, such as inside SOLIDWORKS Corp\ You'll just have to track it down.
  • Click Yes

  • Click Next

  • Click Add

    • Enter Server Name pdm02
    • Leave Server Port at 3030
    • Then click OK
  • If you are not on a Olin laptop, you will get a PDM window asking for credentials

    • Enter your Olin username (firstinitiallastname) and password
    • Domain will be autofilled to pdm02 (local) - change it to
  • Make sure the box next to the server name is checked and click Next

  • Check the box next to PDM and click Next

  • Decide where you want your PDM vault. The default C:\ is fine. C:\Users\username\Documents might also be a good location

  • Click Next

  • Check that Status doesn't say Error. If it does, click Show Error. The problem is likely that you already have folder called PDM in the selected directory. If this is the case, open File Explorer and move or delete the folder, or go back and change the target directory. Click Back and Next again to refresh the error status.

  • Click Finish

  • Enter your username (firstinitiallastname) and password (baja)

    • If this doesn't work, ask Rowan, Steven, or Gwyn to make sure you have an account or reset your password
  • Make sure Status changes to Completed, and click Close

  • Go to the directory you selected and open PDM

  • In the future you may have to right click → login to this folder

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