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Installing CYGWIN + SSHD for remote access through SSH on windows
Installing CYGWIN with SSH
1) Download cygwin setup.exe from
- Execute setup.exe
- Install from internet
- Root directory: `c:\cygwin` + all users
- Local package directory: use default value
- Select a mirror to download files from
- Select these packages:
- editors > xemacs 21.4.22-1
- net > openssh 6.1-p
- admin > cygrunsrv 1.40-2
- Click continue
- When everything is installed configure SSHD
2) Configure SSHD
- open a cygwin terminal: start > RIGHT MOUSE ON "Cygwin terminal" AND "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR"
- $ ssh-host-config
- Are you sure you want to continue: YES
- You have the required privileges: YES
- Overwrite existing /etc/ssh_config: YES
- Should privilege separation be used: YES
- Use local account 'sshd': YES
- Do you want to install 'sshd' as a service: YES
- name CYGWIN: just press enter
- Do you want to use a different name: no
+++ you can skip this ++
- Create new privileged user account (cyg_server): YES
- enter password
- reenter password
+++ end of skip ++
3) Add a SSHD account
- Open control panel
- Create a new account with administrator rights
- set a password for this new account
4) Add the user to SSHD password
$ cd /etc/
$ cp passwd passwd_bak
$ /bin/mkpasswd.exe -l -u [new_username] >> /etc/passwd
(for example: /bin/mkpasswd.exe -l -u roxlu >> /etc/passwd to add the password for roxlu)
5) Open SSHD port (22)
- Open control panel
- Click on System and Security
- Click on Windows Firewall
- On the left click on advanced settings
- click: select "Inbound Rules"
- click: New Rule ...
- [x] Port
Specific ports: 22
- [x] Allow the connection
- [x] Domain
[x] Private
[x] Public
6) Trouble shooting
- first check if you can connect to the SSHD server on the same machine:
- open a Cygwin terminal
$ ssh -l [username] localhost
If you can't connect to the server on localhost check if the sshd daemon is running (see blow)
- check if the SSHD daemon is runing
- open control panel
- search for "services"
- click on "View local services"
- search for "CYGWIN sshd"
- make sure it's there, else try reinstalling sshd
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faughnn commented Feb 2, 2023


I was hoping to find an automated process for this as I need to do this on 20+ machines. No luck

See (although I realise I'm pointing this out 7 years after you asked!!!) laughing

lol brings me back. First week of a job I've long left

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