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Roy Ashbrook royashbrook

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royashbrook / migrategitfromazuredevopstogithub.ps1
Created May 5, 2021
Migrate git repos from Azure Devops to github
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# how i moved all of my git repos from azure devops to github
# prereqs
# azure cli -
# github cli -
# note: you can get away with neither of these if you want
# to manually make some lists and repos yourself
# we'll be creating local clones of everything to work with
royashbrook / jiggle.ps1
Created May 5, 2021
jiggles the mouse a little
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#no idea why, but i thought this was kind of funny
#get our winform stuff
$null = [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("System.Drawing")
$null = [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("System.Windows.Forms")
#move the mouse on x
function Nudge($p){
[System.Windows.Forms.Cursor]::Position = `
[System.Drawing.Point]::New( `
royashbrook / Submit-TextFile.ps1
Created May 4, 2021
Post a text file to a discord webhook
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function Submit-TextFile($filePath,$Uri){
$filename = (Get-ChildItem $filePath).Name
$filecontents = Get-Content $filePath -raw
$boundary = [guid]::NewGuid().ToString()
$contentinfo = "Content-Disposition: form-data; name=`"file`"; filename=`"$filename`"`nContent-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8`n"
$body = "--$boundary`n$contentinfo`n$filecontents`n--$boundary--`n"
$params = @{
Uri = $Uri
Body = $body
Method = 'Post'
royashbrook / GetAsyncJobInfoUsingWS.ps1
Created Apr 19, 2021
Retrieve async job data using a web server
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$sb = {
do{ #pause while server is starting up
Start-Sleep 1
for ($i = 0; $i -lt $args[1]; $i++) {
View random-oh-my-posh-theme-for-profile.ps1
#open profile with code $profile or notepad $profile and paste in the following
#note you will need to have installed oh-my-posh already
#see for details
Import-Module oh-my-posh
function Get-ThemeList{
$themeurl = ""
$ProgressPreference = 'SilentlyContinue'
$links = (iwr $themeurl).links
$ProgressPreference = 'Continue'
($links | where title -like *omp.json).title -Replace ".omp.json",""
royashbrook / Enable-STES.ps1
Created Apr 13, 2021
Set STES so machine won't sleep
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# import kernel32 calls we need
# note screen saver will not enable either
# can remove the display required flag to remove that
Add-Type -Name n -Namespace ns -MemberDefinition @'
public static extern uint SetThreadExecutionState(uint esFlags);
public const uint ES_CONTINUOUS = 0x80000000;
public const uint ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED = 0x00000001;
public const uint ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED = 0x00000002;
public static string StayAwake(){
View Jiggle.ps1
#moves the mouse x location by offset p pixels
function Nudge($p){
[System.Windows.Forms.Cursor]::Position = `
[System.Drawing.Point]::New( `
[System.Windows.Forms.Cursor]::Position.X+$p, `
[System.Windows.Forms.Cursor]::Position.Y )
#call nudge every 10ms with pos/neg value of x
function Jiggle(){
royashbrook /
Created Nov 9, 2020
Google App Script for Stripe Client Keys
// this is a google script method of getting a client key from stripe
// this means you don't have to get a server to take stripe payments because
// this can be your server. at the time of this script creation, you are
// limited to 20k per month. in order to 'deploy' this you'll have to
// go to and create a new script, replace the
// body of the initial script file with this and then deploy it as a web app
// you'll have to give it the required permissions it asks for the first time
// and ensure you set it up for anonymous access.
// this function will just return the secret key for the client from stripe
royashbrook / JSZip.js
Created Sep 16, 2020
From JSZip to unzipit
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//import or add cdn for global, url should be passed in somehow
royashbrook / downloadjsonascsv.js
Created Sep 4, 2020
Button Handler to download some JSON as CSV
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//bind onclick to downloadcsv.
//o should be the json you want to turn into a table
//h should be a string array for the header row, or this can be null and it will use the keys from the first record
//n is the name of the file, csv will be appended. if omitted it will just be 'data.csv'
export const downloadcsv = (o,h,n = 'data') => {
downloadFile( toCSV(o,h) , n + '.csv', 'text/csv' );
const toCSV = (o,h) => {
const a = (v) => `"${v.join(`","`)}"`
let csv = []