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Last active Sep 24, 2016
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Search for public git repositories in the Alexa 1 million top ranked websites list, see:
// Download the list from:
$csv = file_get_contents('top-1m.csv');
$lines = explode(PHP_EOL,$csv);
$counter = 1;
foreach($lines as $line){
$url = explode(',',$line)[1];
echo $counter.' '.$url.PHP_EOL;
$gitUrl = 'http://'.$url.'/.git/config';
$content = file_get_contents($gitUrl);
if(strstr($content,'[core]') !== FALSE){
echo '- YEAH! '.$gitUrl.PHP_EOL;
$yeah[] = $gitUrl;
echo 'FOUND:'.PHP_EOL;
foreach($yeah as $url){
echo '- '.$url.PHP_EOL;
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