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Last active Dec 9, 2019
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Git basics dump ...
Just some notes on git ...
Install git from # Quick guide from GitHub
Create folder and put stuff in it.
# git init
# git add <filename> # add <filename>
# git add . # add all files in folder
# git status # show added / not added / changed files
# git commit -m "stuff" # need to add a comment when committing
Create a .gitinogre file in the root of the folder
In this file, "filename" (without the ") to ignore that file, and "/dir" to ignore a dir completely
git status will not show the ignored files and folders.
GitHub: go there and create an account.
Create new repository in there and give a description
Private projects are paid $7/month or $25/month for a 5-user project
Note that you can have unlimited *private* Gists though.
Create a (MarkDown) to display project info.
Copy the link (something like
Add .git to the end of that
# git remote add origin
# git remote # will say "origin"
# git push -u origin master # will prompt for credentials then push to the "myproject" repo
The project will now show the files:
After this, can just do:
# git push
To clone another repo, copy the link to clone the repo.
Open a git console.
# git clone <paste-line-here>
Note!: The folder will be created *under* this level and in that folder the entire project will be there.
# git pull origin master --allow-unrelated-histories
# Had to do this to force the merge to happen.
# git clone
git checkout master
git merge <stuff>
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