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import turtle
window = turtle.Screen()
window.setup(width=800, height=600, startx=10, starty=0.5)
euler = turtle.Turtle() # A good mathy name for our turtle
scale = 5 # This isn't a turtle module setting. This is just for us.
# Move the little buddy over to the left side to give him more room to work
euler.setpos(-390, 0)
current = 0 # Here's how we know where we are
seen = set() # Here's where we'll keep track of where we've been
# Step increases by 1 each time
for step_size in range(1, 100):
backwards = current - step_size
# Step backwards if its positive and we've never been there before
if backwards > 0 and backwards not in seen:
euler.setheading(90) # 90 degrees is pointing straight up
# 180 degrees means "draw a semicircle" * step_size/2, 180)
current = backwards
# Otherwise, go forwards
euler.setheading(270) # 270 degrees is straight down * step_size/2, 180)
current += step_size
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