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iPhone Toolchain installer script
SDK=`dirname $0`
SCRIPT=`basename $0`
SDKPARENT=`dirname $SDK`
PLATFORM=`uname -sp`
if [ "$PLATFORM" = "Darwin i386" -o "$PLATFORM" = "Darwin x86_64" ]; then
echo "iPhone Toolchain installer script by rpetrich"
echo ""
if [ "$SDKPARENT" != "/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs" ]; then
echo "$SDK is not a valid iPhone SDK. Move this script to /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS3.0.sdk/install-sdk"
echo "Be sure you have installed APT7 and OpenSSH and have closed Cydia before continuing!"
/bin/echo -n "iPhone IP Address: "
pushd $SDK
tar -cvz - . 2> /dev/null | ssh root@$ADDRESS "(mkdir -p /var/sdk && cd /var/sdk && tar xvpzf - && ./$SCRIPT)"
elif [ "$PLATFORM" = "Darwin arm" ]; then
pushd /var/sdk/usr/lib
ln -fs libgcc_s.1.dylib libgcc_s.10.5.dylib
ln -fs dylib1.o dylib1.10.5.o
ln -fs crt1.o crt1.10.5.o
ln -fs libstdc++.6.0.9.dylib libstdc++.6.dylib
ln -fs libstdc++.6.0.9.dylib libstdc++.dylib
ln -fs libobjc.A.dylib libobjc.dylib
ln -fs libSystem.B.dylib libSystem.dylib
ln -fs /usr/include/substrate.h /var/sdk/usr/include/substrate.h
apt-get -y install curl git make ldid less com.ericasadun.utilities nano adv-cmds top rsync file-cmds inetutils
curl -L -o libgcc.deb
dpkg -i libgcc.deb
rm libgcc.deb
apt-get -y install csu iphone-gcc coreutils cycript
echo "Unknown OS and architecture!"

Which firmware(s) will this work on?

Would this work on iOS 4.x?


rpetrich commented Sep 27, 2010

It works on all firmwares, but currently iphone-gcc doesn't with headers that include block declarations (up to SDK 3.2 works)

I needed to replace every "ln -s" with "ln -fs" to overwrite already existing (but not up-to-date) symlinks, and add "--force-yes" to each apt-get call ('WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!') to allow complete script execution.
Other than that, worked as expected, thanks! :)


ghost commented Jan 1, 2011

Thank you, working well.
I'm using the 3.2 SDK and a modified gcc specs file (for -I, -L and -F parameters).
I could not compile fping, as some netinet headers are missing from the iPhoneOS SDK. I used this bash script:

for path in /Developer/Platforms/iPhone*/Developer/SDKs/*; do
    for file in /usr/include/netinet/ip.h \
                /usr/include/netinet/in_systm.h \
                /usr/include/netinet/ip_icmp.h \
                /usr/include/netinet/ip_var.h; do
        if [ ! -f "${path}${file}" ]; then
            sudo ln "${file}" "${path}${file}"

from this web site: and could compile.

Great job on this!

I did have to do two things to get this working:

  1. After doing a git clone, I had to add execute permissions to install-sdk
    chmod +x install-sdk
  2. In the install-sdk file, on line 44, change this:
    curl -o libgcc.deb
    to this:
    curl -L -o libgcc.deb
    The reason is redirects (HTTP 302) to Without the -L option, curl will not follow to the new location and instead outputs an HTML file in libgcc.deb, which will not work.

Otherwise seems to be working. Thanks!

One more note... to get programs to compile, I had to tell gcc where the headers and libraries were located by setting a few environment variables.

Before compiling, you may want to run this in bash shell:

export C_INCLUDE_PATH=/var/sdk/usr/include

export CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=/var/sdk/usr/include

export LIBRARY_PATH=/var/sdk/usr/lib


rpetrich commented Feb 15, 2011

ryanchapman: Thanks. I've added those changes. The proper way is to compile+link is to set the sysroot to /var/sdk. Theos, for example, does this already on iOS.

akhilpo commented Oct 26, 2012

Where can I get libobjc.A.dylib? I dont want to download the entire xcode just for that file. Can you point me some other location?

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