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cajames / fargate-efs-cdk-stack.ts
Last active Aug 16, 2020
Sample Fargate + EFS CDK Stack. Written up here:
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import cdk = require("@aws-cdk/core");
import { Vpc, Port } from "@aws-cdk/aws-ec2";
import {
} from "@aws-cdk/aws-ecs";
RhinoDevel /
Last active Jun 9, 2020 — forked from mdeweerd/
Updated to make it work with Nominatim v3.2.0, optionally with Photon v0.3.0 and other changes.
#!/bin/bash -xv
# Modified version of script by mdeweerd (originally by spin0us)
# to work with Nominatim v3.2.0, etc.
# Source:
# Hint:
# Use "bashdb ./" and bashdb's "next" command for step-by-step
sapessi /
Last active Jul 5, 2020
continuous deployment of Golang Gin application in AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway with CodePipeline/CodeBuild

You can use CodePipeline and CodeBuild to create a continuous deployment/integration pipeline for serverless applications build on AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway. This sample application is written in Go with the Gin framework and uses the eawsy API Gateway proxy shim:

We initially detailed our methodology in this blog post:

We have used the shim technology created by eawsy to run Golang applications inside AWS Lambda ( and created a container that can be used with CodeBuild as part of our original pipeline template.

The container is available on DockerHub and is called sapessi/aws-lambda-go18-codebuild:latest. To use this container, simply change the Image property of the CodeBuild project environment.

The pipeline template, sample app, buildspec and SAM files are attached to this gist.

scottsb /
Last active Nov 12, 2020 — forked from Hais/
Create and manage a case-sensitive disk-image on macOS (OS X).
# ---------------------------------------------------------
# Customizable Settings
# ---------------------------------------------------------
maruks /
Created Jul 21, 2015
AWS gateway / lambda function invocation
# AWS Version 4 signing example
# This version makes a POST request and passes request parameters
# in the body (payload) of the request. Auth information is passed in
# an Authorization header.
import sys, os, base64, datetime, hashlib, hmac
import requests # pip install requests
method = 'POST'
service = 'execute-api'
soofaloofa-zz / On choosing a hypermedia type
Last active Mar 13, 2020
On choosing a hypermedia type for your API - HAL, JSON-LD, Collection+JSON, SIREN, Oh My!
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A comparison of Collection+JSON, HAL, JSON-LD and SIREN media types.
Discussion at
dixson3 /
Created Jan 10, 2014
Create and manage a case-sensitive disk-image on OSX. This is great when you have a need to work with case-sensitive repos on a mac.
# where to store the sparse-image
create() {
hdiutil create -type SPARSE -fs 'Case-sensitive Journaled HFS+' -size 60g -volname workspace ${WORKSPACE}
detach() {
View RGBa-Mixin with fallback for sass.scss
* RGBa-Mixin with fallback (
@mixin transparent-backgound($color: #000, $value:0.5)
$start: "rgb(";
$end: ")";
background: #{$start}red($color), green($color), blue($color)#{$end};
background: rgba($color, $value);
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