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Created February 27, 2012 00:06
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instead of an #irc log.
18:35 *** rob`` JOIN
18:35 *** NAMES rob`` ckirkendall alexbaranosky cch1 SeanTAllen
duck1123 @devn
18:35 /part
18:35 *** rob`` PART #midje
18:36 *** rplevy JOIN
18:36 *** NAMES rplevy ckirkendall alexbaranosky cch1 SeanTAllen
duck1123 @devn
18:36 <ckirkendall> alexbaranosky: I haven't thought about
reporting at all yet. Still trying to get my
baring with the Midje core code.
18:37 <alexbaranosky> ckirkendall, I can walk you though it if you
want, if you think that would help
18:37 <rplevy> just finishing watching this: really good stuff
18:37 <rplevy> sfw
18:37 <alexbaranosky> I only watched the first 3rd or so
18:38 <alexbaranosky> safe for work?
18:38 <alexbaranosky> lol
18:38 <rplevy> worth watching all of it
18:38 <alexbaranosky> but everything should be in text
18:38 <alexbaranosky> videos are for sissies
18:39 <ckirkendall> alexbaranosky: I have traced through the code
and I see how background and fakes are setup
through bindings that wrap the call form. I get
how the structure of sweet -> semi-sweet ->
18:39 <rplevy> so ckirkendall what do you think about the
experimental cljs support as it stands so far
18:40 <alexbaranosky> ckirkendall, tha sounds about right.
Reporting happens in unprocessed after it
evaluates the fact inside expect*
18:41 <alexbaranosky> I guess isnce it happens after the evaluation
then reporting should be safe
18:43 <alexbaranosky> rplevy,
18:44 <alexbaranosky> that illustrates how fakes won't work
18:44 <rplevy> fakes?
18:44 <alexbaranosky> provided
18:45 *** ckirkendall_ JOIN
18:45 <rplevy> why doesn't it work?
18:45 *** ckirkendall QUIT Ping timeout: 245 seconds
18:45 <rplevy> I don't know how provided works
18:45 <ckirkendall_> sorry got kicked off again
18:45 <rplevy> please explain
18:45 <rplevy> (how provided works)
18:45 <alexbaranosky> rplevy, it alter-var-roots them essentially
18:46 <ckirkendall_> rplevy: alex and I were discussing how to
expand the scope of what is executed in repl
to include the entire fact form.
18:46 <rplevy> so that the provided is executed in the cljs repl?
18:47 <ckirkendall_> rplevy: no
18:47 <rplevy> then what?
18:47 <ckirkendall_> rplevy: but it needs to be, right now it is
setup outside and then you execute the call to
repl inside the binding created for fakes.
18:48 <rplevy> I don't even understand the problem, so that doesn't
mean anything to me yet
18:48 <ckirkendall_> rplevy: sorry miss understood
18:48 <alexbaranosky> I thin rplevy was right
18:48 <alexbaranosky> we need to set up the provideds from within
cljs, no?
18:49 *** ckirkendall JOIN
18:50 <ckirkendall> I am having internet issues so I keep kicked
off is there a log for midje
18:50 <ckirkendall> a log for the channel
18:50 <rplevy> that doesn't seem difficult, if the provided is done
similarly to how facts work
18:51 <rplevy> nested facts might be a deeper conundrum, but I
haven't even gone there conceptually
18:52 <rplevy> are you logging this channel alexbaranosky?
18:52 *** ckirkendall_ QUIT Ping timeout: 245 seconds
18:52 <alexbaranosky> no, what do I need to do to log it?
18:52 <rplevy> I don't know, I've never run an IRC channel
18:52 <alexbaranosky> be neither
18:54 <alexbaranosky> I have to get going, or at least can't be
guaranteed to be in front of the computer
18:54 <alexbaranosky> I think if we put our heads to it we may be
able to work around the issues, but it sounds
like it would require you guys to delve
deeper into the Midje source.
18:54 <rplevy> so have you looked into the provided thing?
18:55 *** ckirkendall QUIT Ping timeout: 245 seconds
18:55 <alexbaranosky> I haven't looked into it, other than seeing
Creighton's gist
18:55 <rplevy> it would be good if we could make a list of
everything that doesn't work and create issues
18:55 <alexbaranosky> it soudns like Midje is "alter var rooting"
the var from CLJ, but the code is run in
CLJS, and so the vars aren't the same
18:56 <alexbaranosky> well that gist shows oe thing that doesn't
18:56 <rplevy> I think the experimental support can be merged into
main branch as soon as that bug is fixed though, it
doesn't need to support all features right away, no?
18:57 <alexbaranosky> it could be incorporated as a test/alpha
18:57 <rplevy> provided might be low-hanging fruit though
18:57 <alexbaranosky> but Midje without provideds is pretty weak
18:57 <rplevy> if it's merged in it doesn't mean it's released yet,
how often are releases done
18:58 <alexbaranosky> it soudns like we need to wrap evaluate fact
calls in cljs instead of doing it way down in
18:58 <alexbaranosky> SNAPSHOTS? or say 1.3.3 ?
18:58 <rplevy> dunno
18:58 <alexbaranosky> there hasn't been a release ina while
18:58 <rplevy> ok
18:58 <alexbaranosky> SNAPSHOTS happen all the tie though
18:59 <rplevy> the thing about loading the cljs file before every
assertion might be a problem too
18:59 <alexbaranosky> but as long as our stuff doesn't break
anythign its ok to have new fancy half
working stuff in a SNAPSHOT I think
18:59 <alexbaranosky> well we could load once per namespace easily
enough right?
18:59 <rplevy> that makes sense
18:59 <rplevy> how would you recommend doing that?
19:00 <alexbaranosky> an atom??
19:00 <alexbaranosky> any other ideas?
19:00 <alexbaranosky> set the atom, and if its already set don't
load it?
19:01 *** ckirkendall_ JOIN
19:01 <alexbaranosky> ok I've got to go, but I'll be around , just
not glued to my seat
19:01 <ckirkendall_> rplevy: you still on I think I am on a better
connection now.
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