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Last active February 15, 2022 21:06
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(defmacro persist-scope
"local scope -> atom"
`(do ~@(map (fn [v] `(swap! ~a assoc (keyword '~v) ~v))
(keys (cond-> &env (contains? &env :locals) :locals)))))
(def scope-atom (atom {}))
(let [foo 1] (persist-scope scope-atom))
@scope-atom => {:foo 1}
;; This could be useful too, possibly make debugging a little more seamless
;; because you can pretend to be in the same lexical environment without extra wrangling
;; NOTE: you might confuse yourself with this if you have let bindings shadowing other
;; let bindings and using them for stuff before they are shadowed
(defmacro with-scope [scope-map & body]
`(let [{:keys [~@(map symbol (keys scope-map))]} ~scope-map]
(with-scope @scope-atom (prn foo)) => 1
;; more info here:
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