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Return days until cert expiration
# exit codes reflect this script's use as a Sensu check
# replace "YOUR ISSUER HERE" with the CA of your choice
param (
[Parameter(Mandatory=$True)][int]$critical = $(throw "-critical - is required."),
[Parameter(Mandatory=$True)][int]$Warning = $(throw "-warning - is required."),
[Parameter(Mandatory=$False)][string]$computer = $env:COMPUTERNAME.Tolower()
$cert=$(get-childitem cert:LocalMachine\My -recurse | where-object { $_.Issuer -match "YOUR ISSUER HERE" } | select Subject,@{Name="DaysRemaining";Expression={($_.NotAfter).subtract([DateTime]::Now).days}})
if ($ExpiryDays -gt $warning) {
Write-Host "'$computer' Cert is expiring in $ExpiryDays Days."
} elseif (($ExpiryDays -lt $warning) -and ($ExpiryDays -gt $critical)) {
Write-Host "'$computer' Cert is expiring in $ExpiryDays Days."
} elseif ($ExpiryDays -lt $critical) {
Write-Host "'$computer' Cert is expiring in $ExpiryDays Days."
} else {
Write-Host "Not able to get Cert Expiry status for 'CN=$computer'."
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Mandatory Parameters shouldn't get default values. Will those actually throw, or does it just stop and ask for the value?
[dateTime]::now is functionally equivalent to Get-Date
I'm not a fan of Write-Host, but I'm guessing the caller only really cares about the exit codes.

Why not have the "Your issuer here" as a parameter, even if it's not mandatory and has a default value.

I like the use of exit!

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rpunt commented Aug 7, 2019

In the original case, I've got a known issuer that's consistent across all use-cases, so it was hard-coded.

The use of exit reflects that this is a sensu check; 0=green, 1=yellow, 2=red, 3=unknown.

Write-host sets the body of the check-result message as displayed in Uchiwa. There may be other output options that'll work.

I'll have to look further into the throw on mandatory params.


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AspenForester commented Aug 8, 2019 via email

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