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Richard Quadling rquadling

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rquadling / Dockerfile
Last active Mar 13, 2018
Adding XDebug to Bitnami's php-fpm container.
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# An example Dockerfile to build a Bitnami PHP-FPM minimal container with xDebug and some other extensions installed.
# Please note, I have cobbled this together from limited understanding as well as dissecting the Dockerfiles that
# Bitnami have used.
# If you find problems, or suggestions, PLEASE PLEASE help me and the rest of the community with your comments,
# suggestions, fixes, etc. Let's all learn something new!!!!
# If you want to contact me directly, then RQuadling at the Google Mail, and I'll be happy to answer any questions.
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'use strict';
require(rootPath + '/src/js/lib/Calculator.js');
var calculatorDataProvider = {
'Empty calculator': {
amountDue: 0.00,
amountTenderedAfterAmountDueSet: 0.00,
changeGivenAfterAmountDueSet: 0.00,
amountTendered: 0.00,
rquadling /
Created Aug 24, 2017
Send an HTML message to HipChat using v1 of the api via cURL
<table><thead><tr><td colspan=\"2\"><b>Build starting</b></td></tr></thead>
<tr><td><b>Built for</b></td><td>${built_for}</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>Built by</b></td><td>${built_by}</td></tr>
curl -s -X POST \

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I hereby claim:

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rquadling / TestUTF8
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Testing PHP and unicode output.
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REM Force UTF8
chcp 65001
REM Call the script again, as chcp doesn't affect THIS context.
CALL :UTF8ready %0
rquadling / gist_1.diff
Last active Dec 23, 2015
Patch to PHP to allow [SAPI] sections in INI files.
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diff --git a/main/main.c b/main/main.c
index 5942b23..e8171a5 100644
--- a/main/main.c
+++ b/main/main.c
@@ -2244,6 +2244,12 @@ int php_module_startup(sapi_module_struct *sf, zend_module_entry *additional_mod
+ /* Activate SAPI specific section. */
+ if (php_ini_has_per_sapi_config() && {