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test hmac-sha1
ruleset a421x67 {
meta {
name "test-hmac-sha1"
description "Test hmac_sha1_base64(msg, key) function"
author "Randall Bohn"
logging on
dispatch {}
global {}
rule hmac_test {
select when pageview ".*"
pre {
msg = "GET\n\n\nWed, 28 Mar 2007 01:29:59 +0000\n/";
stkey = "uV3F3YluFJax1cknvbcGwgjvx4QpvB+leU8dUj2o";
expected = "Db+gepJSUbZKwpx1FR0DLtEYoZA=";
actual = math:hmac_sha1_base64(msg, stkey);
append("#main", "<div>Example from <a href=''>AWS Docs</a></div>");
append("#main", "<div>expected: "+expected+"</div>");
append("#main", "<div>got: "+actual+"</div>");
rsbohn commented May 19, 2011
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