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How to GTD with Simpletask

This is a guide to implementing Getting Things Done (GTD) using [Simpletask][] by [Mark Janssen][].

Simpletask uses the [todo.txt][] syntax, but has sufficient differences and quirks of its own to be worth describing in detail---at least, that's the story I'm going with. I actually began this guide as an exploration of my own trusted system. Personal workflows are by definition eccentric; I have included only what seems to me to be broadly useful.

This implementation of GTD covers the "standard" classifications: next actions by context, projects, somedays, agendas by person and meeting, etc. In a departure from strict GTD, each entry in these lists is also tagged with an area of focus, interest or responsibility. I find that the ability to slice the system by this extra dimension is worth the additional complexity at the processing and organizing stages. Limitations, issues and workarounds are discussed at the end.

Before we begin, some words of wisdom