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Last active Feb 12, 2020
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Dear close voters,

Over the past few months, Stack Overflow (as a company) has been drifting off course (in more ways than one).

We’ve been avoiding discussing this in SOCVR for the most part, because, initially, we believed that community feedback would somehow end up at the right desk within the company.

That assumption has proven to be untrue, to a point we no longer believe passively waiting for community feedback to be acted upon is the best course of action.

We think there is a lot at stake here. Our normal lines of communication seem broken at present. As such, a lot of the things we take for granted now (like voting, chat, meta, etc) could be lost in a whim.

While we don't think rules, guidance and features should be locked tight and not be changed, we do think that the we, as part of the caretakers of SO, need a voice.

To make our voice heard the idea has surfaced to organize a strike. Parties involved will likely also include Charcoal HQ, SOBotics and Moderators.

The strike article can be found here.

We think SOCVR as a whole should support this strike because the decisions made by the company management seem opposite to the goals of SOCVR:

a group of like-minded people who want to make a difference in the CV queue, reviewing and clean-up efforts.

We do see movement to limit and/or reduce moderation where quantity wins over quality.

As ROs it is pretty easy to put the room in timeout for a week. But this would be exactly what the company management does to the site. Instead we invite you to work with us, discuss, take the right actions, and provide feedback on how we can implement this strike.

Just to make this clear: we're not demanding everyone agrees on, or participates in, the strike. The room will remain open to discuss and post CVs at your leisure, but your favorite chatroom might not give the support you're used to during the strike (as in fewer people may vote on them).

In the hopes that we can all keep working towards a better future,
SOCVR Room Owners

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