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\title{Now We're Citing}
\author{Ryan Schuetzler}
This is how we cite stuff around here. To show of the most basic, parenthetical
citations we use autocite like so:
\autocite{ackoff_management_1961,}. \textcite{chenhall_formal_1989,} once stated
that textcite was the best command (not really). We can also cite just the year
with citeyear \citeyear{rudman_artificial_2006,}, or do multiple citations at
the same time if we go like this
\autocite{ackoff_management_1961,rudman_artificial_2006,}. Just separate them
with commas.
Don't worry about having a whole bunch of references in your .bib file. Anything
that you don't cite gets left out of your bibliography. Like the Bonini citation
in my blog.bib file. Notice it won't appear down below since I haven't cited it
in this document.
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