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CSSLint settings for Sublime Linter > Settings - User
// CSSLint options:
// Each rule can have three values: error|warning|true|false
// false => rule is disabled.
// true => alias to 'error'
// All rules are enabled by default.
// Currently the only difference between warnings and errors is in the prefix of the message in the Sublime status bar.
"adjoining-classes": false,
"box-model": true,
"box-sizing": "warning",
"compatible-vendor-prefixes": "warning",
"display-property-grouping": true,
"duplicate-background-images": "warning",
"duplicate-properties": true,
"empty-rules": true,
"errors": true,
"fallback-colors": "warning",
"floats": false,
"font-faces": "warning",
"font-sizes": "warning",
"gradients": "warning",
"ids": false,
"import": "warning",
"important": "warning",
"known-properties": true,
"outline-none": "warning",
"overqualified-elements": "warning",
"qualified-headings": "warning",
"regex-selectors": "warning",
"rules-count": "warning",
"shorthand": "warning",
"text-indent": "warning",
"unique-headings": "warning",
"universal-selector": "warning",
"vendor-prefix": true,
"zero-units": "warning"
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