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Last active Oct 19, 2015
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munchkin report ios spec

Munchkin Report for iOS Spec



Munchkin Report is an online activity tracking app for parents, preschools, and daycares.

Caregivers log activities (naps, meals, potties, moods, and notes/photos) during the day and parents can view that activity in real-time by logging into the app. Parents also get a daily email report that summarizes their child's day.

Some secondary features of the web app currently include: a milestone timeline that shows important events and photos in one place; basic reports that show trends in naps and meals over time; managing Munchkins/Families/Parents/Teachers (basic CRUD).

You can sign up for the trial here:

The iOS app

The sole function of v1 of the iOS app is to make it mindblowingly easy for a caregiver to log activities in real-time.

All other fuctions (reporting, milestone timeline) are not needed at the moment.

Ideally it will work well on iPhone, iPad mini, and iPod Touch.


User (i.e., a parent or teacher) logs into the iOS app and lands on the "Munchkins" screen where they see all of the Munchkins (i.e., children) they have access to. If they're a teacher, they can switch to the classrooms screen.

There is a search box that lets you find a particular Munchkin or Classroom.


From the listings screen you can select a Munchkin or Classroom and click the Log button (+) which lets you:

  1. Log nap
  2. Log potty
  3. Log meal
  4. Log mood
  5. Log note (with optional photo)
  6. In/out (attendence)

If the user has not selected a Munchkin or Classroom and they click the Log button (+), they will have the opportunity to pick a Munchkin or Classroom directly from the Logging screen.

If the user makes a mistake, they should be able to edit or delete the activity.

Daily Reports

A parent or teacher can also view a Munchkin or Classroom's timeline which, by default, lists the current day's activities. They can also page back in time and show activity for a given day on the calendar.

Lastly, when viewing a timeline, there should be a button that says "Email report" and will email the report for the day that is being viewed (this functionality exists in the web app already).

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