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Classic Perl Magazines
Classic Perl Magazines could be yours!
I'm cleaning my closet, and you could have these pieces of Perl history in your collection!
Yours for the cost of shipping. Offer expires soon when the magazines end up in the recycling bin.
Just let me know if you're interested.
The Perl Journal #11 3.3 Fall 1998
The Perl Journal #12 3.4 Winter 1998
The Perl Journal #13 4.1 Spring 1999
The Perl Journal #14 4.2 Summer 1999
The Perl Journal #15 4.3 Fall 1999
The Perl Journal #16 4.4 Winter 1999
The Perl Journal #17 5.1 Spring 2000
The Perl Journal #18 5.2 Summer 2000 (x2)
The Perl Journal #19 5.3 Fall 2000
The Perl Journal #20 5.4 Winter 2000 (x2)
The Perl Journal Fall 2001 (A supplement to Sys Admin)
Sys Admin 10.12 December 2001 + TPJ Supplement
Sys Admin 11.3 March 2002 + TPJ Supplement
Sys Admin 11.6 June 2002 + TPJ Supplement
Sys Admin 11.9 September 2002 + TPJ Supplement
The Perl Review 2.3 Summer 2006

I'm interested. Please contact me. My email address is in my GitHub profile.

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