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  • Budapest, Hungary
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rstofi /
Last active July 28, 2023 15:27
Quick and dirty guide for reducing OTF data on RBG

OTF imaging cookbook for RBG

A quick and dirty guide to reduce OTF data on RBG.

Data preparation

All raw data should live under /project/ls-mohr/MeerKAT/raw/{obs_ID}

rstofi /
Created July 5, 2022 14:35
Shell script to simulate mock data and perform grid transform tests between teo servers using the gridftp protocol via the globus-url-copy tool
#Generate random files for a simple grid transfer tests and performs the given tests
#NOTE only generating the data and the last test
#This test performs transfers with all combinations of the given:
# - data sizes (Ns)
# - number of threads (Np)
rstofi /
Last active December 7, 2023 17:06
Code used for a MeerKLASS memo on the importance of OTFM PB correction and the amplitude errors introduced
"""Simple code to re-create OTFM beam smearing plots. For the default plots, and
mathematical background see:
Also, the effect is computed and results are re-computed for MeerKAT. Both for
constant RA and constant elevation (MeerKLASS)
The code is based on a circular GAussian beam input for now.