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Last active Dec 30, 2015
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Problem with spring and rails engine projects
#!/bin/bash -ex
gem list spring
gem list rails
rm -rf quux
rails plugin new quux --mountable
cd quux
echo 'Spring.application_root = "./test/dummy"' > config/spring.rb
cat config/spring.rb
spring status
$ ./repro
+ gem list spring
*** LOCAL GEMS ***
spring (1.0.0)
spring-commands-rspec (1.0.1)
+ gem list rails
*** LOCAL GEMS ***
rails (3.2.16, 3.2.15)
+ rm -rf quux
+ rails plugin new quux --mountable
create README.rdoc
create Rakefile
create quux.gemspec
create .gitignore
create Gemfile
create app
create app/controllers/quux/application_controller.rb
create app/helpers/quux/application_helper.rb
create app/mailers
create app/models
create app/views/layouts/quux/application.html.erb
create app/assets/images/quux
create app/assets/images/quux/.gitkeep
create config/routes.rb
create lib/quux.rb
create lib/tasks/quux_tasks.rake
create lib/quux/version.rb
create lib/quux/engine.rb
create app/assets/stylesheets/quux/application.css
create app/assets/javascripts/quux/application.js
create script
create script/rails
create test/test_helper.rb
create test/quux_test.rb
append Rakefile
create test/integration/navigation_test.rb
vendor_app test/dummy
run bundle install
Fetching gem metadata from
Fetching gem metadata from
Resolving dependencies...
Using rake (10.1.0)
Using i18n (0.6.9)
Using multi_json (1.8.2)
Using activesupport (3.2.16)
Using builder (3.0.4)
Using activemodel (3.2.16)
Using erubis (2.7.0)
Using journey (1.0.4)
Using rack (1.4.5)
Using rack-cache (1.2)
Using rack-test (0.6.2)
Using hike (1.2.3)
Using tilt (1.4.1)
Using sprockets (2.2.2)
Using actionpack (3.2.16)
Using mime-types (1.25.1)
Using polyglot (0.3.3)
Using treetop (1.4.15)
Using mail (2.5.4)
Using actionmailer (3.2.16)
Using arel (3.0.3)
Using tzinfo (0.3.38)
Using activerecord (3.2.16)
Using activeresource (3.2.16)
Using bundler (1.3.5)
Using rack-ssl (1.3.3)
Using json (1.8.1)
Using rdoc (3.12.2)
Using thor (0.18.1)
Using railties (3.2.16)
Using jquery-rails (3.0.4)
Using rails (3.2.16)
Using quux (0.0.1) from source at /private/tmp/spring-engine/quux
quux at /private/tmp/spring-engine/quux did not have a valid gemspec.
This prevents bundler from installing bins or native extensions, but that may not affect its functionality.
The validation message from Rubygems was:
"FIXME" or "TODO" is not an author
Using sqlite3 (1.3.8)
Your bundle is complete!
Use `bundle show [gemname]` to see where a bundled gem is installed.
+ cd quux
+ echo 'Spring.application_root = "./test/dummy"'
+ cat config/spring.rb
Spring.application_root = "./test/dummy"
+ spring status
Spring was unable to find your config/application.rb file. Your project root was detected at /private/tmp/spring-engine/quux, so spring looked for /private/tmp/spring-engine/quux/config/application.rb but it doesn't exist. You can configure the root of your application by setting Spring.application_root in config/spring.rb.
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