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Solved or Answered Topics July 20-27,2011
  1. Love Conversation - BUT can't see attachments
  2. Sent mail arriving in inbox.
  3. Start-Up Problem with new version Thunderbird 5.0
  4. Spell checker not working? WAS:Sppell check on strikke?
  5. What happened to keyboard shortcuts?
  6. Right click on Email->Move To->Recent is out of date - and scrambled / not alpha sorted in version 3.0.x and 3.1.x. SOLVED fixed in version 5.
  7. Keyboard shortcut Command + T for get new messages for current account on Mac OS X changed to F5 in Thunderbird 5
  8. Sync Thunderbird contacts with gmail
  9. Calendar disapeared after Thunderbird 5 update! -> WORKAROUND: use manual add-on update
  10. Thunderbird/Lightning Alert without an actual event
  11. Thunderbird keeps giving "Compact" or "Cancel" prompt SOLVED problem went away on it's own
  12. Can't uninstall TBird 3!
  13. Where is popstate.dat in Thunderbird 5.0? SOLVED caused by crosslinked profile directories after restore
  14. Adding another family member to my email account
  15. compact messages
  16. Can't get online with account. Asks for passwword
  17. Thunderbird v5 Outgoing email; Right Click "Paste" Not working after Insert Link (ctrl-L) FIXED in TB6 WORKAROUND: Control V / Command V
  18. Lightning 1.0b4 doesn't work with Thunderbird 5.0 (Dutch) - Thunderbird in task manager but no UI
  19. Lightning with Thunderbird 5?
  20. Thunderbird 5.0 - Lightning calendar is not supported
  21. Scroll Issues after update to Thunderbird 5
  22. PC turns laggy...
  23. Google Calendar
  24. How do I attach an email to another email?
  25. How to rollback to pre v5.0
  26. Where are Email & address book folders?
  27. The green address bar above the e-mail is too large in TB 5
  28. Increasing the number of people I can send a message to
  29. Trash is full
  30. compacting equals lost forever ?
  31. queued messages
  32. Junk Mail
  33. Address Book
  34. How can I add a new contact to an existing address book group list?
  35. How can I roll back to the older version? (trouble installing addons) SOLVED
  36. Thunderbird doesn't start. SOLVED reinstalled
  38. Sending news to Club Members
  39. Make this simple
  40. Can I use thunderbird to rename a subject line in a received email in Thunderbird 3? A: email Header Tools add-on author to port to Thunderbird 3 or find a developer to do it
  41. My Thunderbird is not saving my sent emails to the Sent folder.
  42. why is thunderbird freezing up regularly when following a link? SOLVED using version 3.0.2.
  43. Thunderbird Hangs if Not Given Immediate Attention at Startup
  44. avast requires - to disable the protocol SSL of the Send_Server. I can not find the place to do that. Where ist the rigt button an makes this sense?
  45. Bullgard Internet Security add-on not (yet) compatible with Thunderbird 5.0
  46. Convert the User Interface Language
  47. I can search for an email - but I cant open it.
  48. Cannot rebuild folder index. TB freezes solid. SOLVED by new hard disk (old disk was failing)
  49. How do I move Thunderbird from a PC with XP to a PC with Windows 7?
  50. How to stop the auto compacting dialogue? A:Uncheck "Always ask me before compacting folders automatically"
  51. How do I sync Thunderbird/Lightning on an Android phone?
  52. Lost keyboard shortcut
  53. Mozilla products disabling McAfee features
  54. Thunderbird NOT working on Mac Lion. "you can't open the application thunderbird-bin because PowerPC applications are no longer supported" SOLVED by new install
  55. why compact messages
  56. Download gmail messages to 2 different personel computers both with Thunderbird.
  57. How can i add an australian dictionary?
  58. Thunderbird 5 - Nag about compacting folders. Don't want automatic compacts
  59. leave email on server
  60. Thunderbird deletes mail folders using TB 3.1.10. profile in dropbox
  61. How to require password to open thunderbird?
  62. IMAP to POP server type
  63. Format for replying to emails is backwards
  64. Different computers
  65. Resending Email
  66. HELP!!! Attach Address Book to New Mail window!
  67. Message compact header
  68. Compacted Inbox -- Titles there but now no content
  69. Cannot Compact Inbox in unified folder view SOLVED
  70. Compacting not working with version 3.0.4 so can't download my emails. Still get Inbox is full. SOLVED update to current version (minimally - 3.1 or 5)
  71. adding/deleting mails to a conversation thread
  72. new to OS X how to add the "next" button to read the next email?
  73. My Sent Mail file is 4.29 GB on Mac OS X -- how come T'bird thinks it is full?
  74. need help with out going addresses
  75. Return receipt
  76. How to see my mailing list names in Thunderbird 5?
  77. "Out of Office" auto-reply
  78. How to make Thunderbird my default email client?
  79. inserting a link in an email
  80. unable to send links after changing to the latest Thunderbird
  81. Changing T'bird 3 account from POP to IMAP - preserving all data
  82. Thx for the nice addon - but miss one thing
  83. What does "server does not support RFC 5746 - see CVE-2009-3555" mean? - CLOSED: Server-side problem
  84. [Bug]: Standard-Account for Email sending does not work
  85. how to block incoming emails
  86. Thunderbird compatibility with LION/OS X 10.7?
  87. sigh - want to be able to delete messages from the sever after they are downloaded
  88. Lost Calendar
  89. pdf attachments
  90. Threads and Conversations add-on
  91. tb5 won't open link in ff5
  92. Thunderbird 5.0 doesn't support Lightening calendar ANSWERED install newer 1.0b4 version of calendar
  93. Thunderbird crashes due to missing js3250.dll file. SOLVED by reinstall of TB
  94. Upgrading Thunderbid version to version 5
  95. I cannot import messages from Communicator!
  96. Thunderbird doesn't open .eml files.
  97. create business card /is there a web page for creating business card
  98. In some messages conversations don't works fine
  99. Email tags
  100. How to back up address book and messages
  101. news group login failure
  102. Vacation
  103. Compact folders did not reduce disc space
  104. Inbox overload
  105. Thunderbird gets stuck on a mesage and refuses to show the actual selected message
  106. Thunderbird user name wrong - adds domain incorrectly
  107. How do you back up your emails?
  108. How do I setup Junk mail to automatically move to the junk folder in TB3 WAS:Junk mail doesn't leave my inbox
  109. Problems after updating to 5.0 - prompts for default values
  110. Deleting a particular mail in a conversation
  111. disappeared mailbox! Help!
  112. Exporting entire folders of emails

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