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Roland's Kitsune Git Workflow

setup repo

git clone
git remote add upstream
git checkout staging in git 1.7 or git checkout -t origin/staging depending on git version in git 1.6 you need to use git checkout -t origin/staging !
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/staging

create branch

git checkout -b tb-sidebar  #create and make new branch e.g. tb-sidebar branch

... make changes

git add blah blah
git commit -m "blah"
git push origin tb-sidebar (pushes current branch to new remote tb-sidebar)
...create and send off pull request

once it is approved or denied, delete the branch

git checkout staging
git branch -D tb-sidebar
git push origin :tb-sidebar
and then refetch and re-merge:
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/staging

goto "create branch"

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