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Capistrano deployment email notifier for Rails 3
Capistrano deployment email notifier for Rails 3
Do you need to send email notifications after application deployments?
Christopher Sexton developed a Simple Capistrano email notifier for rails. You can find details at
Here is Rails 3 port of the notifier.
The notifier sends an email after application deployment has been completed.
How to use it?
1. Add this file to config/deploy folder.
2. Update the file with your google credentials and from email address.
3. Add the following content to config/deploy.rb.
require 'config/deploy/cap_notify.rb'
# add email addresses for people who should receive deployment notifications
after :deploy, 'deploy:send_notification'
# Create task to send a notification
namespace :deploy do
desc "Send email notification"
task :send_notification do
4. Update deploy.rb with destination email addresses for the notifications.
5. To test run this command:
cap deploy:send_notification
require "action_mailer"
ActionMailer::Base.delivery_method = :smtp
ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
:enable_starttls_auto => true,
:tls => true,
:address => "",
:port => 587,
:domain => "",
:authentication => "plain",
:user_name => "YOUR USER NAME",
:password => "YOUR PASSWORD"
class Notifier < ActionMailer::Base
default :from => "YOUR FROM EMAIL"
def deploy_notification(cap_vars)
now =
msg = "Performed a deploy operation on #{now.strftime("%m/%d/%Y")} at #{now.strftime("%I:%M %p")} to #{}"
mail(:to => cap_vars.notify_emails,
:subject => "Deployed #{cap_vars.application} to #{cap_vars.stage}") do |format|
format.text { render :text => msg}
format.html { render :text => "<p>" + msg + "<\p>"}
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