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Ryan Gibbons rtgibbons

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charleslouis / custom-search-acf-wordpress.php
Last active Oct 21, 2020
PHP - Wordpress - Search - wordpress custom search function that encompasses ACF/advanced custom fields and taxonomies and split expression before request
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* [list_searcheable_acf list all the custom fields we want to include in our search query]
* @return [array] [list of custom fields]
function list_searcheable_acf(){
$list_searcheable_acf = array("title", "sub_title", "excerpt_short", "excerpt_long", "xyz", "myACF");
return $list_searcheable_acf;
nanliu / homebrew::tap.pp
Last active Dec 14, 2015
Homebrew::Tap for boxen PoC
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define homebrew::tap (
$ensure = present,
) {
if $ensure == 'present' {
exec { "homebrew_tap_${name}":
command => "brew tap ${name}",
unless => "brew tap | grep ${name}",
} else {
exec { "homebrew_untap_${name}":
dvessel / gist:1478685
Created Dec 14, 2011
TextMate 2 .tm_properties
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This is all based on the [alpha release][1].


From the built-in help system:

For many settings TextMate will look for a .tm_properties file in the current folder and in any parent folders (up to the user’s home folder).

These are simple setting = value listings where the value is a format string in which other variables can be referenced.

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