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Constants file containing hardcoded animals for Safari Animals
// MARK: - Animal Constants
extension Animal {
static let all: [Animal] = [.lion, .elephant, .giraffe, .zebra]
static let lion = Animal(id: 1, name: "Lion",
description: "Biggest cat in Africa, the king of the jungle.",
imageName: "lion")
static let elephant = Animal(id: 2, name: "Elephant",
description: "Huge plant eating animal with long nose.",
imageName: "elephant")
static let giraffe = Animal(id: 3, name: "Giraffe",
description: "Like a cow with a very long neck.",
imageName: "giraffe")
static let zebra = Animal(id: 4, name: "Zebra",
description: "A horse with black and white stripes.",
imageName: "zebra")
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