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Put public keys for a github user in ~/.ssh/authorized keys with mucho ease
IFS="$(printf '\n\t')"
mkdir -p ~/.ssh
if ! [[ -f ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ]]; then
echo "Creating new ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"
touch ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
keys=`curl$user/keys | grep -o -E "ssh-\w+\s+[^\"]+"`
for key in $keys; do
echo $key
grep -q "$key" ~/.ssh/authorized_keys || echo "$key" >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

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rtlong commented Oct 2, 2013

Use this like so:

$ curl -L | bash -s <github username> redirects to the raw version of this script; curl's -L tells it to follow redirects, and bash's -s tells it to use STDIN as the script and the arguments as the positional parameters


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musically-ut commented Dec 2, 2015

At the time of writing, will output the keys in authorized_keys friendly format and in plain text. That will avoid having to grep through the JSON looking for the keys.

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