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Some notes that I've made so far for contributing to the orchard docs project

Documentation Glossary

  • Admin Dashboard Anything within the admin panel is referred to as the admin dashboard

  • Orchard Just refer to it as Orchard not Orchard CMS or Orchard Project.

  • Guide A page of docs. Not a topic, tutorial, lesson, etc.

Documentation Checklist

  1. Checked that you have used the correct terms as outlined in the Documentation Glossary.

  2. If your docs are related to an issue don't forget to add "Fixes #0000" in the PR description so that it automatically closes the issue when your PR is merged.

  3. Spell checked - MarkPad, [Windows]

  4. Bullet point lists / Numbered lists - Should have a line between each item

  5. Keyboard shortcuts should be first letter caps, with dashes separating the keystrokes e.g. Ctrl-Shift-F2

  6. Screenshots - ShareX, add colors

  7. Tutorials should use Orchard.LearnOrchard.*TutorialName* namespace when writing sample code.

Writing tips

  • Tutorials should explain what they are going to do in broad terms and then spell it out in a bullet point list. The idea is that as the reader you always know when you are expected to do something and it isnt just an example or a tip.
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Note: these are just my collected thoughts, I haven't confirmed with anyone officially attached to the project if these are correct or welcome standards.

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