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Created October 1, 2016 06:42
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import Data.Exists (Exists, mkExists, runExists)
type Circle = {x:: Int, y:: Int, r:: Int}
type Rectangle = {x:: Int, y:: Int, w:: Int, h:: Int}
drawCircle :: Circle -> String
drawCircle c = "This is a circle!"
drawRectangle :: Rectangle -> String
drawRectangle r = "This is a rectangle!"
data Component o = Component {
data:: o,
draw:: o -> String
aCircle = Component {
data: {x: 100, y:100, r: 100},
draw: drawCircle
aRectangle = Component {
data: {x:100, y:100, w:100, h:100},
draw: drawRectangle
objects :: Array (Exists Component)
objects = [
mkExists aCircle,
mkExists aRectangle
drawObject :: (Exists Component) -> String
drawObject = runExists (\(Component c) -> c.draw
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