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Xcode iOS simulator download URLs (as of Xcode 8.3.1)
iOS 10.2 Simulator:
iOS 10.1 Simulator:
iOS 10.0 Simulator:
iOS 9.3 Simulator:
iOS 9.2 Simulator:
iOS 9.1 Simulator:
iOS 9.0 Simulator:
iOS 8.4 Simulator:
iOS 8.3 Simulator:
iOS 8.2 Simulator:
iOS 8.1 Simulator:
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jeremyhu commented Oct 5, 2017

Please do not actually install the packages in those disk images directly. The installer CLI and the macOS Installer do NOT install them with the appropriate settings.

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Runmick commented Feb 23, 2018

wen run, its o.k.

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vesper8 commented Aug 21, 2019

@jeremyhu so how do you install them then?

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ilovejs commented Dec 2, 2019

out of date for Cataline os, so err "not compatible with your os"

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ForceGT commented Oct 2, 2020


For anyone looking for more mirrors and instructions

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mig8447 commented Oct 14, 2020

I'll leave this here for usage instructions

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