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How to use sysadminctl
Usage: sysadminctl [[interactive] || [-adminUser <admin user name> -adminPassword <admin user password>]]
-deleteUser <user name> [-secure || -keepHome]
-newPassword <new password> -oldPassword <old password> [-passwordHint <password hint>]
-resetPasswordFor <local user name> -newPassword <new password> [-passwordHint <password hint>]
-addUser <user name> [-fullName <full name>] [-UID <user ID>] [-shell <path to shell>] [-password <user password>] [-hint <user hint>] [-home <full path to home>] [-admin] [-picture <full path to user image>]
-secureTokenStatus <user name>
-secureTokenOn <user name> -password <password>
-secureTokenOff <user name> -password <password>
-guestAccount <on || off || status>
-afpGuestAccess <on || off || status>
-smbGuestAccess <on || off || status>
-automaticTime <on || off || status>
-filesystem status
Pass '-' instead of password in commands above to request prompt.
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