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Last active December 6, 2021 18:55
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A small App that starts Vivaldi for macOS as a Private Window

Vivaldi Private Window Launcher for macOS

The following commands will produce a small application that allows you to launch Vivaldi in Private mode on a Mac.

Start Terminal paste in the the following code (pressing Enter when done):

mkdir -p Vivaldi\
printf '#!/bin/sh\nopen -a --args --incognito' > Vivaldi\\ Private
chmod +x Vivaldi\\ Private

You should now have an application called "Vivaldi Private", stored in the folder where Terminal is running—you can check the folder location with pwd or open the folder in Finder with open .

Move "Vivaldi Private" to your /Applications folder and use "Vivaldi Private" to launch, rather than running Vivaldi directly.

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git-fr commented Dec 6, 2021

This isn't working for me in macOS Monterey, with Vivaldi 4.3.2439.65.

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