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Fix for compiling fontforge in Mountain Lion 10.8.2
diff --git a/fontforge/startui.c b/fontforge/startui.c
index 6eb9a62..62f4155 100644
--- a/fontforge/startui.c
+++ b/fontforge/startui.c
@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@
# include </Developer/Headers/FlatCarbon/Files.h>
# define FontInfo MacFontInfo
# define KernPair MacKernPair
+# define AnchorPoint MacAnchorPoint
# include </Developer/Headers/FlatCarbon/CarbonEvents.h>
/* For reasons obscure to me RunApplicationEventLoop is not defined in */
/* the mac header files if we are in 64 bit mode. Strangely it seems to */
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