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Last active November 28, 2021 08:18
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Setup Counterparty using Federated Node Docker builds

Follow the documentatation with the below exceptions;

After doing

git clone
cd federatednode


git checkout evmparty

And when you're at the part where you run fednode install <CONFIG> <BRANCH> you run fednode install base evmparty.

After this you should stop the mainnet bitcoin and counterparty processes by running:

fednode stop counterparty
fednode stop bitcoin

And we'll have to wait for testnet to sync:

fednode tail bitcoin-testnet

Then start the testnet counterparty process fednode start counterparty-testnet

and again we wait for the sync to finish:

fednode tail counterparty-testnet

Now we can open a shell in the counterparty-testnet instance:

fednode shell counterparty-testnet

And open one to the bitcoin-testnet as well (different tab in your terminal):

fednode shell bitcoin-testnet

In the bitcoin-testnet let's create a new address

bitcoin-cli -testnet getnewaddress

Copy the address and put it in a var in the counterparty-testnet shell:


Go load that address with some BTC and XCP somewhere external.

now follow for your first smart contract.

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