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Last active October 18, 2021 10:45
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interface Queryable<SourceType> {
query(query: string, context?: QueryStringContext<SourceType>): Promise<QueryResult>
interface QueryableAlgebra<SourceType> {
query(query: Algebra, context?: QueryAlgebraContext<SourceType>): Promise<QueryResult>
// TODO: what about update queries?
type QueryResult = QueryResultBindings | QueryResultQuads | QueryResultBoolean; // TODO: should we open this up for other types?
interface QueryResultBindings {
type: 'bindings';
metadata: () => Metadata;
bindings: Stream<Bindings>; // This should be a lazy stream
variables: RDF.Variable[];
interface QueryResultQuads {
type: 'quads';
metadata: () => Metadata;
quads: Stream<RDF.Quad>; // This should be a lazy stream
interface QueryResultBoolean {
type: 'boolean';
metadata: () => Metadata; // TODO: do we need this here?
booleanResult: Promise<boolean>; // TODO: make this lazy behind a lambda?
interface Metadata {
cardinality?: number; // Cardinality estimate
[key: string]: any; // For any other custom metadata entries.
interface Bindings {
type: 'bindings';
get(variable: RDF.Variable): RDF.Term;
keys(): RDF.Variable[];
entries(): [RDF.Variable, RDF.Term][];
size: number;
interface BindingsFactory {
createBindings(entries: [RDF.Variable, RDF.Term][]): Bindings;
mergeBindings(bindings: Bindings[]): Bindings;
// SourceType can be anything the query engine defines
// TODO: we may consider defining some standards, like 'string', RDF.Source, ...
interface QueryContext<SourceType> {
sources?: SourceType[];
queryTimestamp?: Date; // Required for certain SPARQL operations such as NOW().
[key: string]: any; // For any other custom metadata entries.
interface QueryStringContext<SourceType> extends QueryContext<SourceType> {
queryFormat?: QueryFormat; // defaults to { language: 'SPARQL', version: '1.1', extensions: [] }
baseIRI?: string; // Required for parsing SPARQL queries
interface QueryAlgebraContext<SourceType> extends QueryContext<SourceType> {};
interface QueryFormat {
language: string; // Like 'SPARQL'
version: string; // Like '1.1'
extensions: string[]; // TODO: leave the syntax of these extensions open for now?
type Algebra = {}; // TODO: define this (possible starting point:
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