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Last active February 17, 2022 11:48
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This document describes the steps to use a prerelease of Comunica 2.x.

Intended release date: Somewhere in the week of Monday 28 February


  • This is major update with breaking changes, which means that old invocations of Comunica will have to be changed slightly.
  • The READMEs and documentation on have not been updated yet, so you will have to discover the usage of the new API via autocompletion of an IDE with TypeScript support.
  • The Comunica prereleases depend on the new RDF/JS typings (@rdfjs/types@1.1.0).

Getting started:

  • Initialize a new npm package for testing, e.g. via npm init (or install it in an existing package)
  • npm install @comunica/query-sparql@2.0.1-alpha.9.0 @rdfjs/types@1.1.0

Main changes:

  • The main entrypoint is now @comunica/query-sparql (instead of @comunica/actor-init-sparql)
  • newEngine has been removed in favor of QueryEngine, a class that must be instantiated via the new keyword.

If you run into any bugs, or notice things that do not look right, please report an issue for it at (Make sure to mention that this is related to the 2.x prerelease)

Source code for these prereleases is on the next/major branch.

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